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There’s no doubt about it—Americans love their coffee! But why settle for an ordinary cup of Joe from a drip coffee maker when you can brew a pot of coffee worthy of a king? That’s what you get with a French press—finely flavored espressos, cappuccinos, and lattes without paying top dollar for a barista to whip up your drink at a coffee shop. Yes, with a French press, a more sophisticated cup of coffee is just a few minutes away.

So, you’ve done your research, bought a high-quality French press coffee maker, and learned how to brew the perfect cup. Now, the time has come to clean this small appliance. You read over the instruction manual, but it offers very little help. Fortunately, cleaning your French press is just as easy as brewing a cup of coffee in one. Simply follow these step-by-step instructions from Puff Cleaning to ensure you get many years of use from your French press.

Cleaning Your French Press Daily

Ongoing maintenance is critical to keep your French press clean and sanitary. Here’s how to wash it daily:

  1. Finish your coffee, and let the French press cool down.
  2. Empty the grounds from the carafe using either your hands or a spatula. Avoid using a metal spoon, which might break the glass. Alternately, you can fill the carafe about halfway with water and dump the contents into a fine-mesh strainer held over the sink. This allows the water to run down the drain while catching the coffee grounds.
  3. Dispose of the grounds in your compost heap or the trashcan, not down the sink. Don’t panic if a few grounds wash down the drain, but dumping in too many could cause a clog.
  4. Add lukewarm water and a few drops of liquid dish soap. Then, pump the plunger up and down until the water gets foamy. This cleans the inside effectively and removes residual coffee oils.
  5. Dump out the soapy water, rinse with clean water, and work the plunger again. Scrub the inside of the carafe with a sponge or bottle brush. Then, rinse again until the water runs clear.
  6. Dry out the inside with a clean paper towel, and set the French press aside. It’s now ready to brew some more great coffee the next day.

Deep Cleaning Your French Press

Daily cleaning is the ideal way to keep your French press coffee maker in good condition, but you should also deep clean it once a week. Don’t worry—even deep cleaning your coffee maker is simple.

  1. Start by completing the daily cleaning process. Then, disassemble the plunger and set all the pieces on the counter.
  2. Clean each part individually with a thin paste made from baking soda and water. Scrub the pieces using a sponge or bottle brush.
  3. Rid the coffee maker of hard water buildup with a solution made of equal parts vinegar and water.
  4. Let all the pieces of your coffee maker air dry. Then, reassemble the French press. Now it’s ready to brew more coffee!

If cleaning your kitchen seems like a daunting task, consider hiring a professional cleaning service like Puff Cleaning. We offer kitchen cleaning services that can help keep your entire kitchen spotless and looking its best. Get in touch with us to learn more about our house-cleaning services and to schedule an appointment that works for you.